May 12, 2019 Mother’s Day and Homecoming Celebration

On Sunday, we went to the Oliver’s for a celebration. 


Everyone, including Max, was in for a good time.




The grand kids were in high spirits and we provided presents for all.




Lily liked her African elephant




and Cheetah T-Shirt.




Everyone received T-Shirts




with animals.





Including the big boys.




There were also bracelets including the popular lava rock bracelet. These were for Lily.



Cole is well supplied with bracelets.





Anthony liked his.




Gabe’s is on the table, plus he liked his big cat.




With a late request for photo we captured Tyler’s bracelets.




The adult girls received beaded necklaces which were very popular in Africa.




For the Mother’s Day celebration, the girls all received T-shirts.


What a wonderful homecoming conclusion to our amazing trip.  Great trip, but nothing beats being together with our gang of 11.

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