Days 122 and 123 Cruise the Atlantic May 4 and 5, 2019

Smooth seas and a great sunrise on May 5th.  Nevertheless, we have had an itinerary change due to a forecast storm in the Bay of Biscay.  Today, May 5th, we were supposed to be in Casablanca, Morocco.  Due to this storm, we need to get north sooner, so we are going directly to Vigo, Spain and will arrive there one day early on May 6th.  This storm is forecast to be a Force 10 Full Gale with waves to 40 feet.  Do not want to play Viking Sky.  Good idea to get ahead of this storm.  Even with our stop in Vigo, we are now on an itinerary to be snug in Portsmouth, England on Wednesday, May 8th with this storm to the south of us.



In the meantime, we are being mightily entertained by the on-board group.  Emilia Parker provided a jazz concert in the Atrium on the afternoon of the 5th.



That is Emilia in the center with the keyboard player on the left and the cello player on the right.



This is Emilia hamming it up in front of her giant poster.



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