Day 99 Maputo Mozambique to Kruger National Park in South Africa April 11, 2019

Days 97 and 98 were sea days crossing from Madagascar to Maputo, Mozambique.  The Indian Ocean continued to treat us kindly with two more smooth days.   Day 99 we arrived in Maputo early on April 11, 2019.  





We quickly jump on our coach for transfer to Kruger Park  

with our guide Jenny.  We will be traveling through the city of Maputo and then across Mozambique to South Africa.





There are some large old buildings in the port area


and then we quickly transfer to the city street scenes.






The streets are lined with street vendors.




The streets are crowded and the town does not appear to be prosperous.









This construction site shows the red clay soil you see everywhere in this country.



At least one large hospital in Maputo.




Bay and port shot.






Living conditions at the edge of town are not good.




















A rare gated community that looks fine.




A large cemetery also at the outskirts of town.




The roadside shops seem to go on forever.




Another example of nice housing.




We now transition to the country side.




New immigrants often build corrugated steel shacks like this to just get a roof over their heads.  After they have earned some money,


they build a stone house but keep the old tin one to rent to the next immigrant.








This results in a range of housing buildings.








The country side here is mostly undeveloped and used for grazing.


 Mozambique border town.




We clear customs and immigration at both the Mozambique and 



South African facilities.  Long ques for each crossing.  Our second country for the day.  Great progress to be into South Africa.

Immediately after crossing into South Africa the area seems more prosperous with sugar cane



and bananas growing in great abundance.  They cover the bananas with these blue bags to keep the bugs out and to aid in ripening.



Interesting landscape as we approach our destination.




We arrive at the Pestana Lodge just in time for a late lunch.  Our three days of Safari wonderfulness will be covered in the next post.

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