Day 85 Excursion from Fremantle to Perth March 28, 2019

The ship overnighted in Perth, so on March 28th we achieved an early start for our excursion to Perth.   


Allan our tour guide for the day. 



Heading out of town we pass the Swan River area.





Lots of nice homes on the way,








and I decide this is the tile roof capital of Australia.




The skyline of Perth comes into view.




Nice parks along the Swan River.




Many large vineyards, although our tour guide stated the premium wine areas were farther south.



Our big stop for the day is at Caversham Wildlife Park.  This scrub brush is typical of the unimproved landscape.



The park itself is very well manicured.


Tons of animals and birds to see. 


Nice wombat.


Female eclectus parrot and the





male eclectus parrot.  It took 100 years before they realized they are the same species.  

Pink Cockatoo




Owl stare down.





Strange lizards.



We saw dozens of kangaroos and had a chance to feed them.





I think Gramma sold more food.







Our favorite for the day, was the koala exhibit.



They are so cute,








and we had a chance to pet their backs.  They are very soft.


We finished off at Caversham Park with a small area that had two black swans,



a nasty rescue pelican that liked to chase things,

and the Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor).  The Little Penguin is only 40 cm tall.  Note the second one peaking out from the side.  We were very pleased to add this penguin species to our list.


We departed the park and headed back with a couple stops yet to go.   Lots more vineyards in this area.   



Crossing back over the Swan River.




Nice flowers.





Went through downtown Perth.




Sporting events occur near the center of town.  This is the football stadium.



And right next door is where the trotters run.




New apartment building with bright colors we thought Tyler would like.  



Large palm trees in downtown park.




Christ Church Claremont.  




Enjoyed a stop at Cottesloe Beach.





This was also a chance to show off my new Australian hat we bought at Caversham.


When we returned to Freemantle, that last stop on the  tour was another prison.  There have been 3,000 prisons in Australia.  Over 165,000 men, women and children were transported from Great Britain to Australia as punishment for their crimes between 1788 and 1868.





We head out on our own.   Checked out the Anglican Church.



Fremantle Town Trust established in 1848.



Next stop was the Western Australia Shipwrecks Museum.

The Batavia hit a reef off Western Australia on June 4, 1629 and although attempts were made to refloat it, the ship quickly broke open and flooded.  



Most of the crew and passengers made it to shore, but a mutiny ensued, and 125 men, women, and children were murdered.  Eventually, a rescue crew restored order and the mutineers were hung.  After 300+ years this section of the stern was raised.  Those old timbers are amazing.   


The second big find in this museum is a fascinating relic that they worked 20 years to restore.  This engine recovered from the SS Xantho in 1985 had been underwater for more than 100 years.  The museum recovered it, disassembled it, conserved it and then re-assembled it.  The fact that it now can be turned over by hand is just amazing.




Back to the Viking Sun.  Time to depart Australia.  We sure have enjoyed our visits to the many ports in Australia.


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  1. Ok, so I’ve posted many time that your photos are Great but after seeing these photos I LOVE the Animals the Most😁😊☺ Harlan wants to know which one is the wombat in the one photo😂😂 Love seeing everything you guys are enjoying.

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