Day 84 Fremantle Australia March 27, 2019

Today, March 27th, the Viking Sun, kissed the dock at Fremantle at 4:15 pm.






We had a smooth ride from Albany.  The coastline of Australia in the early afternoon.


Attractive looking town.









Interesting way to position the gangplank. 




They pick it up with this crane and slide the end onto Deck 2 of the Viking Sun.



We went ashore before dinner to explore the waterfront.  Several Statues from this local rock star to




these two fisherman/crabbers.


Large marina with lots of boats





including interesting old ones.







In/Out service is big.





More than a few large boats.




Our friends from L3 are here.




There is a nearby beach.




A natural area.



The original jail and the modern harbor control building.



Beach plus small marina.







We stayed until it was too dark to take photos and then headed back to the boat for dinner.

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