Day 80 Adelaide Australia March 23, 2019

Day 79 was a day at sea.

Day 80 we arrived at Port Adelaide early on March 23rd


We started with a bus tour with Graham.





On the way into town we saw this boat under restoration.  Back in the day it traveled between Scotland and here.  A Scot on vacation saw it rotting in the harbor, bought it, and is spending millions to restore it.  Future tourist attraction and consistent with their view of honoring the past.   Well built old buildings abound.





This is the largest city in the south




that was not founded as a penal colony.




Well laid out broad streets were part of the planning for this city.



They honor Colonel William Light who surveyed the site and and laid the city of Adelaide.  Planned and laid out, not just a city that grew as it went.



This is the football stadium.  Big game today.  This is some of the only green grass in or around the city.  The parks are allowed to reclaim gray water and use it for irrigation of the public areas


and the golf course.




Modern high rises mixed in with the classic buildings.




The trams in the city center are everywhere and free.




Public transportation covers the city.




We spent some time at their central shopping area.



The place is well decorated.





There are interesting side arcades.








With interesting (freaky) displays.






We thought Gabe would like this statue.


Various buskers in the area.









Another type of entrepreneur.  My kind of shop.




Gramma found a store for Lily.




We continued on the bus tour to the shoreline city of Glenelg.  It is a lovely city.



Monument to the founding of South Australia in 1836.




Walking pier.


Large beach areas.





City Hall as seen from the pier.




Houses along the beach.  We had lunch on the water front in Glenelg and then took the tram back into Adelaide.



They call themselves the city of churches and there are many.







They are good at statues.

War memorial. 




Reading in the park.



WWI Memorial.






Hanging out in the park.


We went to their Australia Museum that focused on the aboriginal heritage.



Displays of carvings.





Decorated baskets.  















and Trading Canoes.  Great Museum.




We took the train back to the boat and departed soon afterward for Albany.


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