Day 78 Geelong Australia March 21, 2019

Day 77 was a relaxing day at sea and we enjoyed dinner with Janice and John Barney.    

On March 21st, Day 78, we arrive in Geelong early on March 21st




We anchor out and are tendered in to the local Yacht Club.



They have these pole statues all over town for the tourists to take photos.




They have nice homes and many of them are classics.  Once again they are a town that is proud of their heritage.



This provides lots of unique homes





from various eras.




They do seem to like their gardens.






Shopping was along the streets, with no malls in sight.






For the morning we took a bus tour with Sian as our driver and guide.



The country side was very brown.  They are into the 5th year of drought, and have not had rain since before Christmas (i.e. none so far this year).


The tour stopped at a small marina for coffee and a restroom break.




Clever wall decoration inside the coffee shop.



For the afternoon we took our own walking tour and visited the National Wool Museum that was only 3 blocks from the Yacht Club.  This was a great decision.




The first thing we saw was a sheep shearing exhibition. 



This guy likes the mechanical (not electric) shears as the lamb just lays there.  Very interesting process. 


Old caretakers’ cabin.



Love these old stoves.




They had a whole floor that contained the various old machines that got you to fabric from the raw wool. 







Lots of processing required.












An automatic sock knitting machine.  Who knew?



Their show piece was a 109 year old rug weaving loom.  With 7 colors, 1,323 bobbins, and 1,992 punch cards the 1910 Axminster Jacquard gripper-type carpet loom is awesome.  It takes these bobbins of yarn




and turns them into this beautiful carpet. 

Here you see the operator and the digital punch card instructions.  These punch cards control the bobbin selection and then move forward when those instructions have been completed.  This design system of Josepth Marie Jacquard (1752-1834) influenced the legendary Charles Babbage (1791-1871) who is known as “the father of the computer” and credited with inventing the first mechanical computer.  That’s amazing.  Excited to have seen this wonderful computing machine.  That was such a great stop, gramma bought a new wool top. 






Checked out some more statues.








Another place with a Robinson R44.  This is the third operation with an R-44 that we have seen along the southern coast.



Back to the yacht club





and back to our boat. 




Goodbye Geelong.




Much to our surprise, Clark is joining us on the boat.  😉

What a day.  Can not get over that carpet weaving machine.

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