Day 128 London (Greenwich) England May 10, 2019

We arrive overnight in Greenwich





to our mooring in the Thames.




The waterfront is well built up in this area.




We take a catamaran transfer boat to shore.  The barge made loading and unloading a breeze.





That is our landing area to the left with the famous Cutty Sark in view.


We head ashore in Greenwich.




The Gipsy Moth in honor of Sir Francis Chichester’s Gipsy Moth IV in which he single-handed around the world setting numerous records.




We board a bus with our tour guide Vivian to check out some key sites in London.





We pass the Greenwich Market which claims to have the oldest shop in the UK.


London was founded in the 1st century as a Roman city.  These are remains of the Roman wall around the city.  Amazing old stuff here.



First stop is the Tower of London.




The Tower of London is really a group of buildings that were added to and modified over the years and thus we see a multitude of towers today.



It does strike one as being very old.




Numerous modern buildings visible from the Tower grounds.




The old moat.




Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, popularly known as Beefeaters.

The Traitors Gate.  Normally a one way passage.  Very few that entered here ever left alive.




Building within the Tower.



One of the ravens at the Tower.  There is a raven keeper and legend has it that if the ravens ever leave, the tower will fall.  They clip the raven’s wings so they cannot fly away – problem solved.



Old construction details.  The wooden stringers are most interesting.





The Tower Bridge from inside the Tower grounds.



Building that houses the Crown Jewels.




We did go inside and viewed the Crown Jewels.  Very impressive but no photos allowed.



Structures inside the Tower.





Tower housing.




One of the buildings was converted to at museum.




I liked this 1836 wine cooler they had on display.  No price given.





One display was a tribute to David Ben Gurion.


Better view of the Tower Bridge as we were leaving.




So long to the Tower.  Fascinating history segment of England.




We were able to walk around St. Paul’s for some photos.




All angles of this massive Cathedral are impressive.




Including the front entrance.




The Royal Courts of Justice.





For lunch we stopped at an English Pub, The Lady Charlotte.



We enjoyed Fish and Chips and a pint while also enjoying a great view.




Lots of tour buses in London.




Buckingham Palace.




Nice gates





and gardens.




Prince Albert statue covered in gold leaf.  Bet he would like the fact they still have horses.




Royal Albert Hall.  Used for concerts and other events.




Nice area of town.



Typical busy London thorough fare.




Hyde Park.




The always busy Piccadilly Circus.




Part of the Theater District.





Trafalger Square with Nelson’s column



and the National Gallery.





Popular area.




Number 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the Government of the United Kingdom



Commonwealth offices.




Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs




Westminster Abbey and Parliament.




Parliament from the river side.





Nice pubs everywhere.




Hawthorne tree in full bloom.  1396




Back to the Cutty Sark and our ship.




Our speedy transport back to the  




Viking Sun.




That was a really great excursion for the last one of this great Viking trip.  Wow, what a trip.  We covered over 40,000 miles, visited North America, South America, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Indian Ocean Islands, Africa including a Safari, and finished with Europe via Spain and England. WOW.

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