Day 126 Portsmouth, England May 8, 2019

Day 125 was a smooth day at sea, used to get us to England.   

We arrived early morning on Day 126, May 8, 2019 in Portsmouth, England.  This was an added stop on our World Cruise to replace Casablanca that we missed due to storm avoidance.  We signed up for a tour of Windsor Castle. 


This is our guide Cemil.





This also took us through some lovely English countryside going and returning from the castle.



Lovely spot along the Thames in the Old Windsor area.




Boats on the Thames.




Typical homes in this area.





Nice flowers at the entrance area to Windsor Castle.




OK, there it is.




We proceed through the Windsor Royal Train Station.




Classic looking English Castle.




Watched over by a statue of Queen Victoria.




Henry VIII Gate often seen in ceremonies.






The Round Tower that is impressive but not quite round.




What used to be a protective moat, is now a nice garden area.



Royal Guards on the grounds





and near  




St. George’s Chapel.



St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle is a chapel




designed in the high-medieval Gothic style. It is both a Royal Peculiar,



a church under the direct jurisdiction of the monarch, and the Chapel of the Order of the Garter.



St. George’s castle chapel was established in the 14th century by King Edward III.   Impressive main entrance.




Inside the Castle grounds.




The guards look very young.





After departure from the Castle one travels through a very up-scale area of England.



We took the back-roads home to avoid the traffic and saw some beautiful areas of English countryside.



We passed the Royal Ascot Race Track.  The Royal Family turns up here for race week.  There is actually a back pathway where they can take horse carriages from Windsor to Ascot.


We passed through many areas of picturesque English countryside




and villages.




Back to the port and some private boats.




We were at a very busy ferry dock.  Here we see a ferry about to swallow a semi.  We now depart for Greenwich (London).

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