Day 124 Vigo, Spain May 6, 2019


We arrive in Vigo on the morning of May 6th.   




It is a nice port area in that we are at the edge of downtown, 



and the marina is also next to the cruise ship terminal. 




First thing you see as you exit the terminal building is this monument of a departing individual.  Many immigrants departed from this terminal in search of a better life, mostly in the Americas somewhere.   



To start the day, Dale did a Segway tour.  Learned much and it was a lot of fun.  Thanks for the photo Dedy.  



Next Linda and I head out to see the sights. 




This is our modern bus and tour guide Catherine with our driver Victor. 



Vigo is a prosperous European city. 



Seafood is a big industry.  This is a monument to fishermen pulling in their oyster nets. 



During the plague, the locals promised to release their horses if they were saved from the sickness.  None died, so they released many horses.  This is a monument to those horses leaping up to the heavens.   


First stop is the Castro fort. 





With its cross display (these are common in Spain).    


Impressive views from the fort.  This is a ship building area with a large cruise ship under construction.   

This is the port area in the opposite direction. 




Directly across the channel are a series of islands with nice beaches that are popular in the summer. 




The grounds of the fort are well maintained.   



The stones are old, but still standing. 


This is a monument near the town center that used to have a large fountain that the fans would jump into after a major soccer win.  The Mayor decided to turn it into a garden area and this change is in process.  Next stop was the Castrelos Park.  This was a 17th century estate. 





As was typical in that era, large estates had their own chapel. 




Out back is a large garden.  Back in the day, 



this area would also have served for food production.   



Today it is decorative, with beautiful flowers. 



Including this Bird of Paradise. 




Frog pond with statue. 




Interesting tree. 






Pigeon house.  Back in the day, they were used for food. 




Eucalyptus trees imported from Australia that they would now like to give back.   




Three different colors of blooms on the same tree.    



English garden section.  




Leaving the park, we pass an area of modern housing. 



Nice older homes.  The small structure with the wooden panels is a traditional dry storage building.  The locals pride themselves on an excellent diet which highlights seafood and fresh garden produce.   

We drive down by the seashore and some of the beaches. This one has a recent history.  The developer thought he could keep this beach to himself, but the mayor explained it was public.     

Past this marina is a Tax Free Zone that drives significant employment in the area. 



The Citroen plant provides direct employment for 5,000 with 5 times that amount when you include the support functions outside the plant. 



After the bus tour we had time to walk into town.  This is their main cathedral. 




We ran into our Room Stewardess, Efrileen, by the Cathedral.  Always nice to meet friends while touring.   

The area next to the Cathedral is an older part of town.  The city council wants young people to move here, so if you do the city pays 40% of the rent. 


This is their main street which has shopping and café’s and a very European feel. 




They also have this Mermaid Man statue which just seems plain weird to me. 




An older, nice monument. 




Popular transportation.  Solves the parking problem.   



Lots of great architecture.  This is the Vigo Museum. 




Even the buildings have statues.   




This was a nice park a block from the seashore.  There were two statues to honor the main industries of the town.  This one is for a stone worker.  They have unique red granite in the area that is still in demand. 



This one is of a fisherman.  This industry is still very active, and they pride themselves on having arguably the best shell fish in Europe. 



This monument is to honor the engineer and politician Jose Elduayen e Gorritt (1823 – 1898) who served in the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Treasury.  They do love their monuments. 




This monument is of Jules Verne.   



Supporting Linda and Dale from 20,000 Leagues Across the Sea.  ( pun intended)



We are out of there.  What a great city to visit.  One could easily see coming back to Spain for a vacation. 



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