Day 121 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands Spain May 3, 2019

We arrived in Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife on the morning of May 3, 2019.



One immediately notes a more prosperous area than we have seen in weeks.  That is the Opera House just beyond the private marina.  




We pick up our tour guide Liz and head out to see the island.  Liz was one of our best guides ever.  Full of knowledge and enthusiasm.


The area is very prosperous driven largely by their largest industry – tourism.  Note how they use the limited valley space to build the needed business buildings and housing.   


We see colorful buildings.




Nice houses.




And everywhere, the classic Spanish tile roofs.



Modern roads for mostly small cars.




They squeeze in agriculture wherever they can on the limited flat areas.




We go to a nice overlook and find these well-fed travelers.



Wild cactus.





Really steep volcanic sloops.





Colorful villages.




Harvesting potatoes.




Unique trees.




Banana fields.  Exports of produce led by bananas and flowers is their second largest industry.


Next we visit their Botanical Garden.  Over the years, seamen have brought many different species to this island which can survive in this mild year around climate.  They established this garden to preserve as many as possible.   


We saw many beautiful examples.





Spanish moss.




Mariachi gourd tree.




Ficus macrophylla f. columnaris.  The aerial prop roots act as buttresses to support the branches, allowing the tree to spread over a considerable area.  Eventually, they will become trunks in their own right.   This particular tree is massive.




Interesting plant.




Great flowering plants everywhere.



Looks like the New Zealand fern.  It is Zamiaceae from Angola, Zaire.




More blooms.





And more blooms.




Leaves with lightning holes.




Linda and Dale enjoyed these gardens.




Liked this exotic flower.




Nice area providing semi-shade.  We really enjoyed these gardens.  Very well done and they really flourish in this climate.



Lots of catering to the ocean resort area. We now head down to a seaside town.




Picturesque shoreline.





Chapel to the fishermen.




We are now down at the sea.




Gramma consents to an interview by some students.




Beautiful seaside area.





Tons of shops on the promenade.




Village cathedral.





Inside the cathedral.




Resort accessed by an interesting tunnel.



Today was a bank holiday called The Day of the Cross.



Various groups decorate crosses and the folks turn out to enjoy them.


Back to the port, past the Opera House.





And the Marina.




After lunch, we walk back into town to check it out.




McDonald’s colors here reminds one of the Green Bay Packers.  Ran into some staff from the boat.









and Joy.





An 18th century convent.






Very European type area.




Monument to the soldiers that fought for Spain.





Great to be in a nice area.




Later, from The Chef’s Table as we pass to the north of Tenerife.  An enjoyable day.

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