Day 118 Dakar, Senegal April 30, 2019

We clear the harbor entrance into Dakar at 7:28 am on April 30th.




The vendors are already out in force.   





The buses arrive and the days activity begin.





We depart the port at a leisurely 11:00 am.




with our guide Dudu.






We pass the train station built by the French.



The Chamber of Commerce is also a colonial era built office.




The National Assembly building.   While we were observing this building and taking photos from the bus, the guard came out and asked the driver to move along.  




The military hospital is their best hospital according to our guide.



The clinics are private (you pay) and work best for those that can afford them.   




Lots of Falcons flying around.  Caught this one in a tree.  He looks impressive to me.




Fishing is their number one industry.  Here are some private fishermen in the bay.   



The shoreline is rocky interspersed with sand beaches.   


A falcon patrols the shoreline.




First stop is the Catholic Cathedral.  The nation is 90% Moslem and 10% Christian.  The guide pointed out several times that they live together in harmony.  




Stained glass window by the baptismal font.





The cathedral





with a close up of the alter area.





Nice pipe organ.




We went through the market area which was packed with folks.   




They have a large market area.  





Colorful clothing.




and the market just went on and on.





Also automotive supplies.  Based on the traffic and no stop lights, the bull bars seem useful.



The people are generally thin and tall.



Our guide attributed this to their diet.  Due to the large fishing industry, most people would have rice and fish with vegetables for lunch.  Similar for dinner.


We stopped at this gas station because an elderly lady on our bus desperately needed to use the restroom.  These kids offer car washes for a fee.  Unemployment is large and people do what they can but according to our guide these guys probably skipped school entirely and have very few choices. 

As we continue down the streets, we leave the central market, but street vendors remain everywhere.





A Christian Church.





This obelisk is in remembrance of their independence from the French in 1960.  The Lion is their symbol of independence.  The colonial period of the French had lasted for over 300 years.   




An all-girls school.



We stopped for a refreshment break, bought a sand painting, and had our photo taken with the artist.




This is a baobab tree outside the artist’s shop.  They use the sap from this tree to make the adhesive for the sand paintings.    



Nicer areas overlooking the Atlantic.   








Typical view along the roads.  Large number of unfinished buildings.  There seems to be no drive to clean up trash during or after construction.   

Our next stop was the Renaissance Africa Monument.   




This bronze monument is massive and very impressive.  There was some controversy prior to its unveiling in 2010, driven by its $27 million cost and the North Korean (not Senegalese) construction crew.  Now it is frequently visited by school classes as a source of African pride.    



Back by the beach.  Another large mosque in this largely Muslim country.




Colorful fishing boats on the beach.




Ministere Des Affaires Estrangeres.    That’s us.  Also, a colonial building.



Here we are back at the port.  It was educational to see Dakar, Senegal.  Would not wish to shop at their main market.  Appreciated that we had great weather, saw the Renaissance Africa Monument and we were able to buy some souvenirs for the grandchildren.

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