Day 110 Walvis Bay Namibia April 22, 2019

Because we had an extra day at sea, we arrived very early (4:17 am) in Walvis Bay on April 22nd.  Our tour was in the afternoon, so we took the complimentary shuttle bus to the mall




with our guide Wiebke Tietz.  Wiebke is of German heritage, and you can see from her badge that she speaks English, German, and Afrikaans.  She is third generation Namibian and has not been back to Germany although she believes she will visit one day.   


We go to the Dunes Mall to buy cough drops for our friend Janice.   Linda also picked up a nice top for a bargain price.   



Nice mall.  This is about 1/3 of the Mall.




Back at the ship, we pass through a series of water trays and towels to clean our shoes.  




What a mess for the ship’s crew.




The problem is that we are tied to a coal dock.


Not to worry, the crew is still happy and pleased to see us out and about.




We take an afternoon tour with Walki Fritsche.  She is also of German descent, but is very proud of Namibia, the country where she was born.  She came 400 kilometers to do this tour and spoke with pride about Namibia and what they have to offer.   

We pass the Rhenish Mission Church, which was prefabricated in Hamburg in 1879 and shipped to Walvis Bay.  Church services for natives were held here from 1881 until 1966 when it was taken over and restored by the Lions Club.  It is the oldest existing building in Walvis Bay.  


A Christian cemetery.




First stop is the dunes.  This dune is 682 meters high.





We are greeted by Mathew Fremantle the Beverage Director,




and Gami the Director of Service.  These two definitely qualify as “characters”.




We are served beverages and raisins and nuts by a friendly staff.



We greatly enjoyed this stop and I did climb 3 or more feet up the dune.





Other people went farther.





Everywhere you look is severe desert.  They measure their annual rainfall in millimeters.    


Train for cargo only.





Some nice homes.





And some very nice homes.  




by the bay.





Next stop is the lagoon with lots of flamingos to observe.





They are beautiful birds.




Distinctive black color under their wings.




They are fun to watch feed.  They do a dance with their feet to stir up the algae and then they strain the good stuff through their beaks.





Lots of flamingos to observe.




Bunches of Jelly Fish grounded by the tide.




These nice homes on the lagoon start at $500,000.





You can see our ship from here.





Next stop Walvis Bay Yacht Club.






with a restaurant.





and a substantial sailboat on the hard.



We return to the boat to observe the continuous duty of the crew to paint.



Here they are covering the black marks left by the tires used for fenders.  They paint in every port.

Namibia was a fascinating country to visit.   Pleased there were two stops planned so that we did get to go ashore.

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  1. When you get back to Michigan we’ll go to the Dunes here & you can walk up further😂.
    I had no idea they paint the ship that often. You two are still looking Great😁

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