Day 107 Cape Town South Africa April 19, 2019

Second day in Cape Town.  For April 19th we launch off on a tour with Salome Adams.






This will be primarily a tour of the country-side versus yesterday’s tour of the city.   

Nice day for photos.  





Lots of rugged terrain.   Love all the palm trees.




Next stop is Hout Bay with their marina.  Hout is wood in Dutch and the early settlers found much wood here that they used for buildings and ships.     



They have lots of souvenir shops



and kids that feed the seals for the delight of the tourists.




We now start to climb Chapman Peak to check out the view.




Shot back across Hout Bay.




Chapman Peak is very steep with impressive sedimentary rock exposed.




This half tunnel is pretty cool and shows up in numerous action movies.



Hope the bus makes the corner.





Sea view on the other side of Chapman Peak.   




Some people keep horses.



You can ride horses on this beach.





There are some nice houses in the country near the city.



Flood evidence everywhere you look.




Next we went up on Silver Mountain to enjoy the view.




The red roofed building is the prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.



Even though it is fall, there were some flowers.




The new developments are gated and have security fences.





Many nice single homes that are also gated.



Back to the ship.



These are condos called the Silo Development.  They were made from grain elevators, proving you can make condos out of almost anything.  Cape Town was very enlightening.  Pleased we had the opportunity to spend two days here.

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