Day 106 Cape Town South Africa April 18, 2019

Here we are, arriving in Cape Town at 7:28 on the morning of April 18th.  Table Mountain is clearly in view in the center, and Lion’s Head to the left.  


We launch off on a tour with Alan Marsh.





Here we are in port directly opposite Table Mountain.  



Huge Southern Sun hotel complex next to the harbor.




Numerous skyscrapers in the downtown area.  South Africa has shown to be more prosperous with each port we enter.




Wide boulevards and round-abouts in Cape Town.  




Nelson Mandela waves from the balcony where he made his first political speech.


The Dutch Reformed Church is center left. Until 1803 The Dutch Reformed church was the only religion allowed in South Africa.  The Slave Museum is on the right.  South Africa had a slavery problem prior to their apartheid problem.    


St. Georges Cathedral.





We now enter the Company’s Garden Area which was the garden used by the original Dutch Troops for food and a place of beauty.  This garden dates to the 1600’s.   


The back of the old Parliament building as viewed from the garden.




An oils vendor going into competition with Allison.


This is the National Library of South Africa started with 5,000 books from the personal collection of Sir George Grey in the 1800’s.



There’s Sir George Grey’s statue in front of the library.




The gardens are beautiful today with numerous species of plants.




View of Table Mountain from the gardens which also shows a section of the extensive gardens.



Delville Wood Memorial (named for the location) is dedicated to the South Africans that lost their lives during WW I.




Egyptian Goose.  Many of these in the gardens.  



We toured through the Bo-Kaap area of town.



It is a Moslem area that is noteworthy for its very colorful houses




and business buildings.




Lions Head is a dominant geological outcropping above the city.



We headed for the beach with some nice houses along the way.





Wow. An important landmark.



Beach view from the Maiden’s Cove parking lot.  The beaches here are beautiful, but with water temperatures in the 40’s it is not a place to swim.  The water temperatures are controlled by a strong current that comes up from the south.  


Nice homes in this area.




There is a lot of kelp in the water which they harvest for fertilizer.



We stopped at the Victoria Wharf Mall.



Large, beautiful and modern mall.


This is one 6 to 8 bays in this mall.




Nice views from the front of the mall.  




Out the back of the Mall is the Wharf.  




A mall with a marina.  How can you beat that?





Street theater was fine with adults playing and kids dancing.



While waiting for me to get some steps, Linda waited by the marina and struck up a conversation with Bernadette.  Bernadette was in town to visit her 93-year-old grandmother.  She is a South African that is at least 3rd generation and she loves her country.

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