Day 104 Port Elizabeth South Africa April 16, 2019

Moving down the coast,  we arrive in Port Elizabeth on the morning of April 16th.




Each of the ports seem more prosperous as we move south.



Lots of infrastructure built up near the port.  




We head out with our guide Nelson who does not take off his coat until it approaches 80 degrees.  



Fine housing 



and accommodations as we approach the beach.



Port Elizabeth is named the “Windy City” and I had to take my hat off and hold it just to walk out on this pier.



I’m sure the wind also keeps this end-loader busy trying to put the sand back where it belongs.




The beach views here looking South and



North are very nice.







The wind also makes the wave action


enjoyable to watch.






Nice brick-work.




There is a Boardwalk here that leads to shopping and a Casino, which we skipped.  


Next was the Nelson Mandela University of which they are very proud.



It is a large complex




with extensive student housing.




Our guide expressed frustration that everyone wants to go to University and not enough students are going to trade schools.  Sounds familiar.



There is nice housing surrounding the University.



Most of which is gated.  




We went back to the center of town.  Old jail.  






Public square with the Public Library.  The statue is of Queen Victoria.


City Hall.






Anglican Church.



This is a shopping area off that main square.  In the days of apartheid blacks and colored were not allowed.  Now anyone can go there but now the shops are owned by Indians and only blacks shop there.  According to our guide, us white tourists are the only white people that visit or shop here.  



Shoprite is one of three major department store chains in South Africa.



We visited Fort Frederick (British) which was active from 1799 to 1868.



It overlooks the harbor and you can see the Viking Sun.  A commanding position in its day.



A monument area.  Linda shaking hands with the statue.




The pyramid was erected to the memory of Elizabeth Frances Lady Donkin who died at age 27.  The city was named after her. 


There is a large mosaic leading up to the memorial.





This dung beetle was included because he is a re-cycler.




Near this site, The Hill Presbyterian Church.




I think pigeons are universal.




A different war memorial.  A soldier is giving water to his trusty horse.


We were told KFC is their favorite fast food place, preferred over McDonalds.



This was an interesting sign, but I was not able to determine what the rules are for private ownership of firearms.



Major car port.




This ship was directly across from us.  They are loading it with coal using large buckets and those cranes.  According to an Able Bodied Seaman on our boat, he used to work on a similar boat and it will take them at least a week to load it.  That’s dirty and dusty work and he was delighted to be working on the Viking Sun.  


Nice looking tugs.




We fly the South African flag while in port.

Another nice visit and it is time to move on.

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