Day 103 East London, South Africa April 15, 2019

We arrived in the Port of East London on the morning of April 15th.   





Port building erected in 1904.





Headed out on a bus tour of the city.




These are the taxis that are popular with the locals.  Inexpensive, take multiple riders and drive fast.




Typical city street.  





Numerous street vendors.




The city hall is a beautiful Victorian Renaissance-style building constructed in 1897 with the clock tower added later to commemorate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.



First City Baptist Church.  We were told we might not recognize the service as Christianity is mixed with a form of ancestry connection.



The first stop on the tour was the East London Museum.




As is frequently portrayed, Nelson Mandela is a revered national hero.


The major claim to fame of this museum is this display of a model of a Dodo bird with the only known remaining egg from this species that is estimated to have gone extinct by 1693.  

The Coelacanth is a large fish (1.65 meters), thought to be extinct until one was discovered in 1938 in the Comoro Islands.  They have the remains of this one and highlight this fish in their museum.  



There is a boat section of the museum.  





Nice model.



This is a concrete structure called a Dolos and is a design of which they are proud.  They used to place square concrete blocks on the break-walls, that would then get washed away.  These stay in place as they remove energy from the waves.


These are wagons used during the colonial times of South Africa.




Examples of the many types of rifles used during the frontier wars.  Most of these are of the flint lock variety.




They had displays of




African culture from this area.





A model of a manta ray caught in 1948 in the Buffalo River Harbour in East London after it became entangled in a steel sounding cable.


Outside exhibit at the museum.






Next stop is the beach.  



This is the German Settlers Memorial




which offers spectacular views overlooking the Indian Ocean 


and the break-wall.  If you look closely, you can see Dolos installed on the break-wall to protect it.





A nice area on the way back to the ship




and an OK but slightly poorer area.





We now depart East London around 6:00 pm.  Interesting visit.

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