Day 102 Durban South Africa April 14, 2019

On Day 102, we are in Durban South Africa.  This is the Durban port area.  We are starting to see more prosperity than the previous 3 stops. We arrived here on Day 101 on a charter flight from Neispruit SA to Durban SA.  The flight was on an AVRO RJ85 which is fine, except they managed to lose our luggage and then as I was filling out lost luggage paperwork the tour bus abandoned us at the airport because they don’t know how to count apparently.  Got back to the ship on another bus, complained to the Excursions Manager and they sorted it all out.  Got my bag back and a complimentary bottle of $100 wine.  OK, they are forgiven.

So today we launch off on a tour with Bruce as our guide.

Dick King statue on the waterfront.  King is best known for his epic 10-day ride from Durban to Grahamstown in 1842 to round up reinforcements for the British.  At the time, Durban was in danger from the Boer forces.   He covered a distance of over 950 km riding around 125 km a day on horseback (on two of the days he was so sick he couldn’t ride). Locals battle to do this trip today by car in under two days, so the utter dedication he must have applied to do it in under 10 with no formal road ways, and in danger from attack from tribesmen and wild animals along the way, is nothing short of heroic.  He is credited with saving Durban for the British.

Victorian style building erected in 1885 as Durban’s first town hall.   


There are still some street vendors.




St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.




First stop is the Durban Botanic Gardens.    



Even though it is the beginning of fall, 




they have lots of blooms.   


Linda and Dale enjoying this beautiful day.




Their indoor portion really had a lot of blooms.



Nice sunken garden.  




Five senses section.  



Beautiful purple flowered tree.



Lots of walkways and paths to explore.




That garden was a great place we enjoyed.



They like their sports.  From a look out area we could see the golf course




and the Moses Mabhida Stadium.




The stadium has this




track that provides for tram viewing of the city.




Between the look out point and the stadium,




we went through a nice area of the city.




Next stop was the beach.  I took a walk 



and Linda enjoyed the view.





Large shallow area and lots of waves.




Dunham is a popular vacation area for South Africans.



It is stated that your Rand (dollar) goes a long way here.  Much farther than in Cape Town.




Market in the beach area.




Back to the port with a pleasure craft marina.




Large shoal in the middle of the port.  That’s tricky.


Durban was a nice visit.

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